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Chesterfield Personal Injury Attorneys that Will Fight For You

If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury from an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the right to receive financial compensation. The lawyers at Epperly & Follis, P.C. will represent your claim in court and fight for your rights.

We have decades of experience defending Chesterfield residents and getting them the support they deserve.


How We Assist in Your Recovery

At Epperly & Follis, the mission is simple: To help victims of personal injury get the financial support they need to cover their medical expenses.

Personal injury can cause both physical and mental suffering for a person. Victims who experience a permanent disability will have their whole life changed – this can easily cause emotional distress and anguish on top of the physical pain.

As if the stress from the accident isn’t enough, many insurance companies will fight you in court, making it a long and grueling road towards getting financial assistance.

With Epperly & Follis on your side, we’ll work hard to move your case forward. Our personal injury lawyers will launch a full-scale investigation of your accident to get the evidence needed to prove your claim. As local disability attorneys with an office in downtown Richmond, we’re a quick drive away from supporting you.


Understanding the Process for Personal Injury Cases

When you file a personal injury claim in Virginia, you first have to prove that the person who caused the accident was negligent.

Our Chesterfield personal injury attorneys will lead a thorough and comprehensive examination of the incident to help verify these facts:

  • The existence of a duty owed to you by the person who caused your injury
  • The failure of the person to perform the duty
  • You suffered physical damages to your body
  • The other person’s failure is what caused you harm

An example of this would be when someone has the duty to stop at a red traffic light but they don’t. If this person were to then get into an accident while going through the light, they are considered negligent and at fault because they didn’t stop.

Chesterfield residents only have two years to file a lawsuit after the accident occurs, which is virtually no time at all in the court system. Epperly & Follis will work diligently to move your case along and get the financial compensation you need.


Types of Personal Injury Claims

Accidents happen, but if you wind up hurt, you may be able to qualify for personal injury litigation. There is a wide range of situations that can make you eligible, including:

man bleeding in car accident and needs a personal injury attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured or disabled in one of these accidents, you have the right to file a claim and hold the person who caused the incident responsible. Epperly & Follis have spent years handling personal injury claims for Chesterfield residents who need a helping hand.


Reach Out to Your Local Chesterfield Personal Injury Lawyers

When you’ve been seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the Chesterfield personal injury attorneys at Epperly & Follis, P.C. will help you fight for your rights.

You deserve honesty from your lawyers. After reviewing your case, we’ll advise you on whether legal help will make a difference and give you professional guidance on your next steps. We will be forward with you if we do not think our representation will further your case.

You are our priority. We will do everything in our power to help you recover your health and well-being. Epperly & Follis are committed to getting you the financial assistance you need.

Contact the personal injury law firm of Epperly & Follis in Chesterfield, VA for a free consultation today at 1-888-703-0109 or 804-648-6480, or fill out our online Contact Form.

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We know the law, we know victims’ rights, and we want to help you make informed decisions about your personal injury case. Please contact Epperly & Follis, P.C today for a free legal consultation.

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