Can Video Footage Help You Prove Your Case in An Accident Claim

If you have been in a car accident, there is a good chance there is video footage of the incident. This footage could impact your insurance claim, especially if there is any question as to who was at fault in the accident. Many shopping centers and businesses have installed video surveillance cameras which might include video evidence of the intersection where an accident occurred. Traffic cameras might also contain evidence that could be included in your case.

Should I Install a Dash Cam in My Vehicle?

Dash cams are cheaper than ever before, as the baseline models cost as little as $50. Many new vehicles are coming with a dash cam that is already installed. In time, it is likely most cars on the road will be equipped with a dash cam. Google trends show the demand for dash cams has been rising over the last five years. If you get into an accident, you could be at a slight disadvantage if they have a dash cam but you do not have one.

Video footage could also help identify the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate if you get sideswiped in a hit-and-run accident.

The video footage could also show other important information about the other driver’s behavior after the accident. It might show they were intoxicated, or it could show the other driver admitting fault in the accident before they changed their story with law enforcement or insurance companies.

If you consider yourself a good driver, a dash cam will probably help your cause if you get into an accident and there is a dispute about the facts of the incident.

How Video Footage Could Help You

In a trial, dash cam video may have a strong impact in how the jury interprets the facts of the incident. The video evidence may be the key evidence the court needs to rule in your favor. It could show the other driver ran the red light. It could contradict the claims of the other driver that you are partially at fault in the accident.

How Video Footage Could Hurt You

Virginia is a pure contributory negligence state.  If you are in an accident, and the other vehicle was 100% at fault, you can collect from the other vehicle’s insurance policy for your damages and medical injuries. If the video footage reveals you were eating at the time of the incident, the insurance company could state you were at least 1% at fault and deny your claim for damages.

If you have a checkered driving record with a few recent accidents and speeding tickets, video coverage might capture some of your poor driving habits.

Social Media Posts

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are not the places to go to talk about your ongoing legal proceedings. The courts have ruled your social media activity could be used as evidence against you in your car accident investigation. Lawyers and insurance claim adjusters could use your video footage of your accident posted on social media to dispute your claims. It is better not to discuss ongoing legal battles related to your car accident on your social media accounts.

If you are claiming you have significant injuries after an accident, but you have recent videos of your hiking adventure on your Facebook wall, the insurance company is going to question the seriousness of your injuries.

Get Legal Representation

Insurance companies and attorneys know how to find video footage of an accident. If you think you may be able to get video footage to help support your side of the disagreement, it makes sense to hire the attorneys at Epperly Follis to represent you in your incident.

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