Can I Sue When I Slip and Fall On Ice

Residents who have lived in Richmond or the Virginia region for a long time will tell you the weather is often unpredictable in winter. It could be in the 60s on Saturday and 30 degrees with snow showers by Monday morning. Slip and fall accidents are more common during winter weather, and there are cases where a homeowner, business owner, or government entity may be liable for your losses.

First Things First

If you have been injured because of a slip and fall accident, there are some steps which should be taken as soon as possible. Ask one of your friends or coworkers to take photographs of the area where you fell. You may not be in any condition to take these photos yourself, so this is why it is better to get a friend’s help in these situations. Capture the photographs as soon as possible so you have evidence of the scene at the time of the incident.

You also need to be evaluated by a physician as soon as you can. Your injuries may be serious, but only a trained medical professional can diagnose your injuries. If your hit your head against the sidewalk, concussion symptoms might not appear right away. It is easy to break a bone, sprain an ankle, or fracture your arm when you fall, so do not wait to see a doctor.

If a judge determines there is negligence, you may be able to collect compensation for your premises liability case. No two injuries are the same, so do not just assume you will be okay after a quick trip to the doctor or ER. If your injuries cause you to miss work or other activities, you may have other losses you need to be compensated for too.

Residential Property Liability

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When it comes to snow and ice, homeowners are expected to make a reasonable effort to keep their property safe once the storm has passed. If the homeowner makes an effort to clear their sidewalk, steps, and driveway, it shows they knew about the dangerous conditions and have made an effort to minimize the dangers. It might be difficult to collect in this scenario.

Not all cases are cut and dry, so you should contact one of our attorneys if you think you might have a case.

Commercial Property Liability

With commercial properties, businesses have a higher responsibility to keep their property safe. The parking lots need to be cleared immediately after a storm, and sidewalks must be shoveled. Since businesses exist to make profit, they are held to a higher standard than homeowners.

If you need to file a lawsuit against a commercial business, there are more questions about who is liable. Usually the business, the property manager, or a third party contractor is held liable if negligence is proven. This is where an experienced attorney can come in and do the research to determine who is responsible for keeping the property safe.

Government Property Liability

Government property falls in a different category of liability. In some cases, the government is immune to liability. There are more administrative hoops to navigate, and the process may take longer to play out.

Whenever you are dealing with a government entity, it is important to begin legal proceedings as soon as possible. There may be a short time frame to file a claim against a government agency. We can help determine if you have a case when you have to deal with government bureaucracy.

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